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Oracle Speaker this Friday 2/18

1pm Math room 102
Lecture Description: Job competition in this era is fierce, and it can be especially difficult for young people with little work experience to compete successfully in the current job market. Designed explicitly for computer science/engineering, management information systems, and information technology majors, this lecture will teach you how to prepare yourself for eventual employment.
Lecture Title: Are You Job Ready? Transforming Your Existing Assignments Into A Technology Portfolio That Impresses Employers.
Target Audience: College students studying computer science/engineering, information management, or management information systems and who want to ready themselves for eventual employment in these fields. This lecture is not just for seniors and juniors, in fact, first and second-year students are strongly encouraged to attend.
Duration: This lecture can be delivered in 40 minutes to an hour. It all depends on how much Q&A and interaction time you would like.
Delivered by: The Oracle Academy

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