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Game Development Group

The University of New Orleans Game Development Group is currently producing project Madness, an RPG in C#. We are using the XNA framework and our goal is to be featured in the Windows Live and Xbox Live Marketplace. Concurrently, the group is also working on a contract to develop card games for National TG's website.

Anyone interested in joining the group should email Chris Roberts at clrobert[at]uno.edu. The group meets every Thursday at 12:15pm in room 338 of the Math Building (the "Google" lab).

ACM ICPC Programming Contest Preparation

This group is currently getting organized to kick off sometime in February with the goal of preparing one or two teams in order to compete at the annual ACM ICPC. Dr. Taylor will be moderating this group and he can be contacted if you are interested in participating in the 2011 ICPC.

Robotics Group

Prior to Hurricane Katrina, the department had faculty dedicated to Robotics research. A number of Sony AIBOs are still owned by the Computer Science Department. They were part of the research equipment available and they were also used in a Soccer competition called the "Robo-Cup" where a number of these played divided in teams blue and red embraced in a soccer match which drew a large crowd in the 2005 Spring in the Earl K. Long library.

The Robotics research faculty is no longer there but interested students and some left-over AIBOs are currently interested in recruiting other students who might want to get involved in Robotics as a extra-curricular activity. These robots are fully-functional robotic dogs capable of movement, image recording, and audio recording & playback. We are going to be using these robots to learn basic programming of robotic units. The tool most likely to be used to program these dogs will be Tekkotsu, an open source framework for intelligent robots.

It is compatible with JAVA, so it does not require learning a brand new language. Many projects can stem from having fully functional robots.

More information about AIBO programming:

   * Tekkotsu Home Page -- An Open Source Framework for Sony AIBOs [1]
   * Urbiforge Home Page -- Universal Real-Time Behavior Interface [2]
   * Explaining the WLANCONF file -- [3]

High Performance Computing Group

The High Performance Computing Group meets to learn about software development for supercomputers. Supercomputers are used to work on scientific problems of a complexity that requires massively parallel systems. Virtually all areas of science and engineering have problems of this sort, from biology to physics, and from economics to fluid mechanics. The HPC Group also participates in annual competitions related to supercomputing. This past November the HPC Group took 2nd place in the Supercomputing 2010 National Programming Challenge. The group is currently preparing for the TeraGrid competition this summer in Salt Lake City. Anyone interested in joining the HPC Group should contact Devon Villegas.

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